Friday, March 13, 2009

Tullio Pericoli's Portraits

I absolutely love Tullio Pericoli's portraits. Last year when I visited my frind Duska in Milan she told me that there is a book with his portraits. After a long search I managed to find one last, thorn and a little dirty copy of this book in one fancy bookstore. The lady at a shop offered a discount because of that, she did not know I would have payed 3 times the price for it.
After seeing the drawings agin and again I find myself asking the question: How does he dare to draw it this way? Many things seem wrong at a first glance (see the eyes of Callas and Verlaine) and they are so right!
Seeing this portrait of Luciano Berio in the book I got intrigued how does he look like, searched and found few fotos... I am not sure I can explain it, but this drawing does show the person, it does not just look like him, it reflects the feeling one gets looking at the photo.
You may see few more of Tullio's works at

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